Bernard Sunley Thanks

St. James Community  Hall  renovation  project  celebrates after receiving £30,000 from the BERNARD  SUNLEY  CHARITABLE  FOUNDATION for PROJECT  200 +   

Christmas comes again to Silsden after being awarded £30,000 by The Bernard Sunley Foundation to renovate the Community Hall. The cash will be used for the 3rd and 4th phases of work to the hall installing a much needed new toilet for church users and £15,000 towards phase 4 works which will include a refurbished kitchen, hall ceiling and roof works IN 2022.

The St. James Community Hall has been serving the community of Silsden for 200 years in the field of children’s education and community service and intends to carry on doing so for the next 200 years!

The Community Hall hosts Uniformed organisations – Guides, Brownies, Rainbows; Scouts, Beavers, Cubs; Pied Piper Pre-School; community, charity and social events, a crafting group and meetings of all sorts.

With the hall being used so much by young people and children, who must be safeguarded,  the hall’s toilets can no longer be used to serve the community members using the church for weddings and funerals etc. It has become necessary to install a new toilet that is accessible only from church and that is what the grant from The Bernard Sunley Foundation has made possible for which we are very grateful.

The Foundation was established on 28th July 1960 by property developer Bernard Sunley. Bernard Sunley was a pioneer in the post-war reconstruction of Britain and an entrepreneur in the legendary mould. A self-made man from modest origins, he was an individualist, a powerhouse of energy and ability and larger than life in every way.

Throughout Bernard’s career, his wife Mary was a formidable figure in the background and she played an important role in his success. Together they worked as a team to build the three financial mainstays in Bernard’s life: his company, Blackwood Hodge; the Bernard Sunley Investment Trust and ultimately, his most enduring legacy, the Bernard Sunley Foundation.

So THANK  YOU to The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation for their generosity!!