Plastics Policy


St James Church, Silsden

Our Vision is to be a Jesus-Shaped Church

It is the policy of St James Church: –

  1. to minimise the use of plastic within the church buildings (including the church hall)
  2. to encourage church members to minimise the use of plastic within their daily lives; and
  3. (being alert to the use of plastic in the way food and other products are presented to us), to communicate in a loving way with retailers and manufacturers to ask them to desist from using plastic by finding environmentally friendly alternatives for their packaging.       

God has made us stewards of his wonderful creation. As Christians we are bound to be faithful stewards of this inheritance. It is accepted that plastic is harming our environment and therefore is a violation of God’s creation.

Our church Vision includes a section ‘Prophetic Challenge’ – “Speaking out against injustice and acting to build God’s kingdom.” This means we should follow up our concerns by speaking truth to power – hence point 3 above.

 Our church’s actions under this policy will include: –

  • Everyone to consider when acquiring anything (food, cleaning materials and other products) for use in the church or the church hall the plastic-free alternatives and to acquire the environment-friendly plastic-free version or plastic-free alternative (even where this results in a higher purchase cost).
  • To review and refresh recycling facilities in the church so that any plastic which finds its way into church is at least recycled or reused. However, recycling and reuse is no substitute for not acquiring plastic in the first place, and therefore the prevailing policy of our church is to avoid plastic completely.
  • Ensuring this policy is drawn to the attention of all who hire our church hall with a request that they comply as best as they are able.
  • Appointing an environmental officer. 
  • Reviewing Project 200 + for its use of plastic.
  • Establishing a habit of writing to manufacturers explaining where we have declined their product under this policy, and why.


 St James Church Silsden PCC (Parochial Church Council)

Adopted     December 2018