Our History

Our Church Historical Timeline from 1712 to 2012


Silsden was a village of 600 inhabitants and part of Skipton Castle Estate. The Earl of Thanet was the Lord of the Manor. The nearest church was at Kildwick and not easily accessed for Silsden folk as only bridle paths existed.  Four yeomen, Henry and Francis Stirk, Edmund Horsfall and Peter Cowling represented the village in asking the Earl for permission to buy land on which to erect a place of worship complete with requisite furnishings, and a church graveyard.

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Recommended Book

A History of Silsden Church 1712 – 2012 by Brian Turner – £4.00

Our Reader Brian Turner has written a fascinating and easily read little booklet priced at £4.00. It traces how St James’ Church first came into being 300 years ago, and charts the many and varied people, events and Vicars who helped develop the building and the community from 1711, when Silsden was a village of 600 inhabitants.

For a copy, contact Brian on 01535 655347 or see him in church.


St James the Fisherman

James was the son of Zebedee and Salome.   Zebedee was a fairly prosperous owner of fishing boats.  Salome was possibly the daughter of a priest.  She was a pious woman who became a follower of Jesus and helped to look after him, along with Mary Magdalene and others.

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