Works Days & FOG

St James, Silsden ChurchVolunteers gather once a month, on the second Saturday of the month, at 10:00 for two hours, to do all the odd jobs necessary to maintain hall and church etc. There is work for all skill levels!

Contact the Vicar on 01535 652 204

Friends of the Graveyard FOG

This is a volunteer community DIY group that is improving and maintaining the graveyard environment for the service of the Silsden community. We are working to maintain the the investment that has recently been put into this area by Brad. Met., Silsden Town Council and The Harry Tillotson Trust to stabilise and resurrect the gravestones to keep this record of Silsden’s history alive for future generations.
We are also actively trying to promote this area as a leisure resource for dog walkers and folks who want some peace and a place to reflect. Benches have been installed and wild life is being encouraged as we have planted trees, bushes and installed bat and bird boxes.